Anonymous said: Hello!First of all,I would like to say you're beautiful and you seem to be a nice person, wish you the best Have to ask you about this girl who made me fall for her, we were exclusive for 4 months and then she got drunk and kissed other girl-she gets drunk a lot and says it could happen again-now we're not exclusive anymore, we're dealing w distance too She acts weird all the time,goes out and calls me drunk,later ignores me,cries when we we see each other or when I compliment her so wtf???

traaaaiiiiinwreck. those are all red flags. I would save what you have left of your heart and start fresh with someone who will fully invest and appreciate your feelings.

dancing-for-joy said: you don't need makeup at all, you're so gorgeous without it!


shenanig4ns said: You're very pretty, and I like your eyes.

why thank ya…. they’re real.

Anonymous said: Wish you were straight, I'd love to fuck you


mccormz said: You're probably the most gorgeous, raddest girl ever. And I love your blog :)

Thank ya kindly! I’m decent but definitely rad.

last day being 24 #almosttwentyfive

I was conceived on Halloween… everything makes sense now